29 June - 1 July 2017



The Festival

o festival

This event will be taking place in Crato from the 29th June to 1st July 2017 and the entrance is free, following on last year’s model.

25 shows have been selected out of 35 applications from artists of different countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Argentina and Brazil. These presentations will be taking place on ten different stages distributed across the streets of Crato’s historical village. Food and drink stalls, organised by the local community, will also be available in different areas.

In addition to last year’s edition, the following activities will also be taking place:

  • A free stage for casual artists/ amateurs, available during festival hours
  • Arts and crafts market selling local goods includin food, arts and crafts available during festival hours (opens at 4:00pm on Saturday 1st July)
  • An audiovisual video mapping show on the Crato’s town hall;

The team of volunteers is increasing and we are courting with the support from the schools in Crato (Escola Agostinho Roseta and Escola Básica Ana Maria Ferreira Gordo), as training is being provided to students to collaborate.

The Founders’ of this festival have merged with the “Cal e Ocre” Association, which will take the responsibility over PASSOD’ARTE.


The entrance to this festival is free but please do not forget: tips to Buskers are welcomed!



What is a Busker?

topA Busker is a street performer whose mission is to entertain and delight his audience welcoming voluntary donations. They are referred to as street performers, travelling musicians, street theatre / street corner art, minstrels, among others. Buskers are that rare breed of street entertainers and can be dancers, clowns, magicians, musicians, puppeteers, jugglers, acrobats, living statues, swords swollowers, ballonist, rope walkers, fire-eaters, etc. They perform, entertain young and old and bring in lot of energy, humor and interaction with the public.

Buskers earn their living by ͞passing the hat͟. So when you enjoy what they do, let them know when the hat is passed.

If you like the show, let them know!

The word ͚busker͛ is slang from the root busk, "to seek to entertain by singing and dancing" probably from Portugues buscar "to seek."

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