29 June - 1 July 2017



Carta Com Resposta

carta video‘Carta com Resposta’ is performed by Ângela Pinto, the famous actress for TV and Theatre and Hélder Gamboa. The text was written by the big Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, who had many heteronyms, but this one was the only female one that he had: Maria José. It's a sad and romantic story about a hunchback young lady , that spend all day in a balcony watching the street for the locksmith, who had look at her once. And 7 years ago the famous Portuguese writer, Inês Pedrosa, decided to write the answer from the locksmith to the hunchback lady, as a sign of hope to all the people that are different. Basically it's a junction of two texts separated by almost 100 years, that make it so special and make it look as something that can happen in the life of any one of us. A great performance that can attract young and adult audience to see, not just because of the cast, but also because of the text. It's strong, envolving and exciting!


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