29 June - 1 July 2017



Mr. Boogie Woogie

boogie youtubeHard drivin’, old-school Rhythm & Blues, complemented by some killer Boogie Woogies, by the fastest, flashiest, piano-thumping boogie man from the Netherlands. Yes, that’s right. This Dutch based piano player hits hard and will take no prisoners! When he pounds the ivories, you’ll be on your way to the Land of Good Times. He starts playing, you start smiling and your feet start moving. Eric-Jan Overbeek began studying classical piano at the age of eight. He got his first job at age twelve playing piano as an accompanist for dance classes. In 2011 Overbeek was voted Best Dutch Blues Pianist. And nominated again in 2013. He also won the prestigious title of Best European Blues Pianist 2005.



boogie 0mrboogiewoogie

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