29 June - 1 July 2017



Mário Belém

mario belem 0Mário Belém is a portugues artist greatly renowed by his work on Street Art . He comes to PASSOD'ARTE giving continuity to the tradition we started last year of having an old building transformed into an piece of graffiti art. Like he tells us in his autobiography "(...) Two or three years ago I decided I was tired of only working on the computer screen, the result was always too clean and straight. So I filled myself with courage and started to (re) learn to draw by hand (and it was much more difficult than I ever imagined). One day I walked by a very large building in Lisbon, painted with a beautiful mural, I stopped and thought "this is what I want to do." Every time I can, I surround myself with spray cans, paint rollers and dirty clothes. I still have to learn lotttttssss of things (making a straight line with a spray can isn't the same thing as drawing a straight line with a pencil). One of these days I'll paint a very large building, you'll see ... I've been learning that my work provokes extreme reactions in people, some like my work, others don't. As long as I'm given a chance to produce colorful stuff I'm happy. Thats it. I've been asked several times "why don't you leave Portugal?", I always answer "because I love it!"



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