29 June - 1 July 2017



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PASSOD'ARTE – The International Busker Festival, Crato, is an event lead by a local association with the main goal of enhancing and developing Crato’s community potential in its multiple perspectives.

The festival will be presenting street performances by Portuguese and International Artists, ranging from musicians to drama acts, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, clowns and many more! You will be surprised by the outstanding talent we will have on show over ten different stages across the historical streets of Crato village. Food and drink stalls, organised by the local community, will also be available in different areas.

Our aim is not only to establish this event as a well-known and quality recognised annual festival - both at a nationally and internationally level - but to also compromise in a much wider vision. We aim to celebrate our roots, recall our sense of identity and by doing so empowering the community’s pride and sense of belonging. We celebrate life with joy, mixing older and younger generations in different activities, appreciating our own and other cultures. In the long run, our goal is to intrinsically develop our local economy, gradually but firmly, sustained by the local shops, cultural activities, arts and crafts, tourism and entrepreneur initiatives.



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How do we manage financially?

This is a non-profit making event. As such, entrance and attendance is for free.

The rationale for this choice is mainly due to our belief in the give and take principle, coherent with the association inclusive ethics. It is also the case that we rather take advantage of our unique scenery outdoor sets across our beautiful village, other than choosing a closed venue. Standing by this choice, however, precludes the option of charging tickets and controlling access areas.

The concept of street art performing is to tip the artist. This is how he gets paid for his art and therefore, must happen. The current number of visitors to the festival is yet not enough to accomplish this goal. We are confident, however, that this issue will be overcome, sooner rather than later, as the festival matures in quality recognition and consequently increases audience and encouragement to take part.

For the time being, the organization is supporting the artists’ fee for the above mentioned reasons. We will always be responsible for the regular expenses such as lodging, food, transportation as well as operational costs including advertising and Information communication technology.

In order to ensure and guarantee the festival’s financial stability, our strategy includes requesting the support from the local council as well as to search for sponsors from the private sector, who will be willing to accept the identity, terms and conditions in which this festival is organised.

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PASSOD'ARTE - 2nd Internacional Busker Festival




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Cal e Ocre, Associação para a Resiliência Local
Largo Dr. Bello Moraes, n.º2
7430-125 Crato - Portugal

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